Approving Valheim Application

This page outlines the process followed to approve and whitelist a new player for the Valheim Private server

New Application Submitted

When an application is submitted the mod chat will be ping'd. You will need to join the application thread to view the application. Review the form submitted by the user and ensure you are happy with the responses.

  • Feel free to request more information from the player

  • If the player has provided the name of an existing server member, message them as a reference

Player is Approved

Whitelist the Player

Once you are happy with the application and are ready to whitelist the player,

  1. Browse to the Pterodactyl Panel and log in with your account

  2. Click here to open the Permittedlist.txt file or

    1. Select the Valheim Private server

    2. Click on the Files tab

    3. Navigate to .config\unity3d\irongate\valheim and open the permittedlist.txt file

  3. Add the below lines and fill in the relevant data

    //Discord Name, Discord Application Number
  4. Save the file

  5. Post in the Discord Thread and advise the player that they have been approved

Installing the Modpack

Close the Application

  1. Add the user to the 'Valheim Private' discord role

  2. Click 'close with reason', advising the application has been approved

Player is Denied

Process not outlined yet

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