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Time Required

1 Hour



Required Knowledge

Docker, Reverse Proxies

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The Scenario

Our goal is to create a new Pterodactyl Panel and Wings node for hosting game servers.

This documentation is NOT intended for a professional / reseller environment. Please do not follow this guide if you intend on selling or publicizing your server resources, as

  • Proxy / Tunnelling wings and panel is NOT supported by Pterodactyl developers

  • This guide is provided with best effort support


The Pterodactyl Panel is the front end gui for managing your servers. The panel can be connected to multiple Wings nodes (or hosts), which this documentation is written for.


Wings hosts the game server compute (CPU) and storage. As this machines job is to process data, a lot of high performing single thread cores are required as well as a lot of RAM.



  • A separate server for the Panel and each Wings node (if setting up more than 1)

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