Join servers via domain

Time Required

10 Minutes



There are 2 ways to do this;

  • Using a Dynamic DNS container or DDNS app

  • Manually setting a DNS record on your domain

The DDNS route isn't needed if you have a static IPv4 or probably for a cloud hosted server, but I'd still recommend it as things sometimes do change and this removes the need to manage and plan for that. If you have a static IP, you can manually set an A record pointing at your servers public IP and that will achieve the same functionality as this.

I would recommend picking a subdomain for hosting your game servers, such as or This means you can still host a website on the root of your domain

Some things to note with using a domain;

  • If your game server reports back to a game browser, such as the Steam browser, it will always show your IP, not your domain.

  • If you choose and host a Minecraft server on port 25565, players will put in when connecting to your server.

  • You don't need to use a subdomain but if you are or plan on hosting a website on your root domain ( ) it is best to configure the join address with a subdomain.

  • It can take some time for DNS to propogate. If you're using Cloudflare as your DNS / domain manager, set your computer or routers DNS to and to view the updates quicker.

Static IP

If you have a static IP you can manually set an A record in your Domains DNS, pointing towards your IP

Dynamic IP

Follow the instructions listed in Dynamic DNS, but please note:

  • The Proxied variable MUST be 'false', otherwise your players will not be able to join.

  • This container is required per public IP you have. I would recommend installing this container on your Wings host, as that is the server players will be connecting too. If each Wings host has a different IP, you will need a different subdomain per IP.

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