Managing your production compose files

Updating Containers

Updates are managed via the renovate bot and automatically pulled by Portainer

Updating the Compose file

When a new update is released, the renovate bot will create a pull request in your repo;

We can see that this pull request is updating the 'package', 'mariadb'. It is a minor update, going from version 10.5 to 10.11

Clicking on the 'Files changed' tab will list any files that will be updated;

If we are happy with this update, we can click on the 'Merge pull request' button at the bottom of the homepage

Updating Portainer

Portainer will check in with GitHub and download the updated compose file and update the container image.

You can tell Portainer to manually pull by;

  1. Browse to the stack

  2. Click on 'Pull and redeploy'

Changing Compose Files

Compose files can be changed in your GitHub repo. These will sync automatically to Portainer

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