Create a Tunnel

Time Required

15 Minutes



Create your Tunnel

  1. Log into Cloudflare

  2. On the left, click on 'Zero Trust'

  3. On the left, click on Access > Tunnels

  4. Click on 'Create a tunnel'

  5. Name the tunnel (eg "Home Network") and click on 'save tunnel'

  6. Scroll down on the next page and locate the connector command, cloudflared.exe service install`` R4nd0mStr1ng0fCh4ract3rs

  7. Take note of the unique key after 'install' (bolded above); save this in your password vault

  8. Click on Next

  9. We're now forced to create a public hostname (reverse proxy). Per the scenario we will create a tunnel for Overseer;










  10. click on 'Additional application settings'

  11. Click on 'Save tunnel'

  12. You will be brought back to the Tunnels homepage, your tunnel will show as 'inactive'

Deploy the Tunnel Container

  1. Create a new compose file in your GitHub repo using the below compose template

  1. Create a new GitOps stack using the tunnel compose file

  2. Under Environmental variables

    1. add a variable "CLOUDFLARE_UUID", using the key noted in step 6 above

  3. Deploy your stack

  4. Refresh the Cloudflare tunnel page, it will now state 'active'

Repeat steps 2-4 for each additional tunnel you wish to create (for load balancing and redundancy)

Test the Tunnel

Browse to the public hostname we created earlier (step 9; subdomain + domain) and confirm that the Overseerr screen loads

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