Can't join Game Server/s

This section is to assist with troubleshooting port forwards, firewall rules and DDNS issues.

This guide is assuming you're hosting the server in your home network, not on a cloud host.

Confirm there is not an DDNS issue

You can skip troubleshooting DDNS by trying to connect to your game server via your public IP instead

  1. Go to google and search 'what is my IP' and take note of the IP address

  2. Launch CMD or the shell of your choice

  3. Type ping YOUR.DDNS.ADDRESS.HERE and hit enter eg ping

  4. Take note of the output and refer to the below table

A server has responded to your pings, great!

  1. Confirm that the IP address matches your Google result

    • If it matches, great! Skip to

    • If it doesn't match, there is an issue with your DDNS container. Review the logs for the container

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Narrow down the issue

There are multiple areas where this can go wrong. Let's narrow it down, please refer to the below image.

The above network map should be relatively similar to your home network. We have 4 devices,

  1. Wings Node, where the game server is hosted

  2. Your gaming PC

  3. A Firewall / Modem / Router

  4. friend's computer

Our end goal is for the purple line (friends computer to pterodactyl node) to work.

There are a few places that this line can fail,

  1. Connecting to the Domain (DNS issue) or IP address

  2. Bad port forwarding config in the modem

  3. Bad firewall config in the Pterodactyl node

  4. Bad game server installation config

  5. ISP blocking the port or port forwarding completely

  6. Your ISP uses CGNAT

Option 3 is the easiest to confirm;

To do this, we'll follow the orange line in the network map above

  1. Get the LAN IP address for your Wings node. This is likely to start with 192.x.x.x, 10.x.x.x or 172.x.x.x

  2. Connect to your game server via the internal IP:port, eg

Most likely your port forward or (IF you are using a domain) your Domains DNS is bad.

have your friend connect via your public IP address and server port, eg

If your friends are connecting via IP, skip this step. Browse to this website to get your public IP address and ping your domain. If the IP does not match, the DNS is incorrect. If so, you most likely have a dynamic DNS address - refer to Dynamic DNS for a solution. Alternatively, your ISP may provide a static IP address at an additional cost.

If connecting directly to your public IP fails, confirm your port forward rule applies to the

  • correct local IP

  • correct port

If it still fails to connect:

your ISP may be blocking port forwards. I would suggest doing some Googling on your router / modem model to confirm your port forward rule has the correct syntax as some modems are awkward. You may have luck searching for my modem model port forward minecraft server but if you have no luck, you will need to ring your ISP.

Your ISP may be using CGNAT. You will need to contact your ISP to have this resolved. I would recommend googling my isp name cgnat and reading the results. Port forwarding will NEVER work behind a CGNAT without additional and complex network infrastructure.

Extra: You can use this website to test if a port is open (waiting for connections). Minecraft is a great server to test for this, as there are plenty of tools for testing things, like this

Pterodactyl Panel errors

Error 500

Yeah its broken! Post on the Pterodactyl discord for assistance.

Wings Errors

FATAL: failed to configure docker environment error=Error response from daemon: Pool overlaps with other one on this address space


Please note: The IP range for 172 is quite small - 172.16 to 172.31. You may be able to get away with using a /24 subnet or something outside of the range. If you use something outside of the range you may run into issues accessing the internet on your wings host doing this. You could also use a different range, like 192.168 or 10.x

Panel is unable to see Node

  1. Start the Wings container if its not running

  2. Check your docker logs, you should see something similar to below

  3. Open your internet browser and navigate to hostname:port, you should see the below error;

    {"error":"The required authorization heads were not present in the request."}

If you get different messages, you may not have applied the config file correctly. Refer to Creating a new Wings node

Database issues

Create a new database - An unexpected error was encountered while processing this request. please try again

Have you set the HASHID variable per Creating a new Panel documentation?

If not, please re-read the documentation as you may have missed other steps too...

Game is unable to connect to server database

Try connecting via IP. This may be a docker DNS issue.

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